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8 Space Related Idioms


8 Space Related Idioms

Hi All!

As we have spent the last week learning all about Space we thought that we would share our favourite Space Related Idioms with you!

Once in a Blue Moon

Something that occurs very rarely

My family lives very far away, I only see them once in a blue moon.

The phrase is very similar to another English Idiom When Pigs Fly as it references something absurd or crazy. The phrase was first used in 1528 in a clerical pamphlet in a conversation between 2 characters. “If they say the moon is blue/We must believe that it is true.”

Breathing Space

A pause to rest or room to think.

They have extended the deadline which gives us some breathing space.

Over the Moon

To be very happy.

I am over the moon because I won the lottery!

This idiom comes from a children’s nursery rhyme from the 16th century Hey Diddle Diddle.

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed to see such fun
And the dish ran away with the spoon!

Living on another planet

To not be realistic.

He’s living on another planet if he thinks I am going to clean his house for him.

Space Out

To become confused or distracted.

Sometimes when I’m bored in class I space out.

To Come Back Down to Earth

To do something boring after doing something fun.

I’ve had such a good holiday, however I will need to come back down to earth when I start work again on Monday.



Under the sun

Refers to everything that exists or is possible.

He talks about everything under the sun from football, to films!

A Waste of Space

Someone or something useless.

He’s a real waste of space, he never does anything to help around the house.

Now let's see if you can use them in context!


  1. He’s__________________________ if he thinks he’ll get £5000 for his old car.
  2. We spent the whole night talking, we must have spoken about everything___________
  3. They’re such a____________ they never do anything at all!
  4. I was______________ when I found out I was pregnant.
  5. I love looking out of the window and ___________ for a bit.
  6. My brother is very good at chess, I only beat him__________________.
  7. After a nice time away, she__________________ on Monday when she had to check her work emails.
  8. Give me some time, I just need some_____________ while I figure this out.


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