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A Warm Welcome to Anna!


A Warm Welcome to Anna!

Hi Guys!


We are delighted to introduce you to Anna, the latest addition to the Teachify Madrid team!

In today’s post we are going to learn a little bit more about her!

So to begin with, Anna why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well firstly, I’m Australian, from Sydney! I’ve been in Spain for almost 5 years now, teaching English. So far I’ve lived in Barcelona, Malaga and now Madrid!

And What brought you to Spain/Madrid?

I always wanted to learn another language and live in another country so I finally did it! I love Madrid because there is always something to see or do here, even if it’s just walking around the city centre.

Great! So tell us, what is your favourite Spanish food/dish?

Definitely PAELLA! So delicious, full of yummy seafood and fun to (try to) cook!

What do you enjoy doing when you aren't teaching?

I love being outside – having a picnic, hiking or having a vino at a terrace bar. I also love watching movies & series, going to exhibits, eating out and cooking!

Do you have any special talents?

Hmm nothing very unique, but I like making things – I make earrings, rings and macrame wall art!

Nice! And What do you Enjoy Most About Working for Teachify?

I love the Teachify team spirit! Everyone in the team is very supportive and open which I love! I’m looking forward to meeting more great students and just starting a new experience.

Perhaps Most Importantly, What is your go to Karaoke Song?

4 Non Blondes, ‘What’s Up?’ sung very loudly and usually off key!

And finally, What is your top tip for English learners?

It’s a bit random but I think reality TV is excellent for developing listening skills! Try to find a reality TV show you like in English – it could be a cooking show, a dating show, or whatever you’re interested in!

Great, thanks Anna!

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