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How many meanings does the word 'draw' have in English?

I’ve been teaching English is Sevilla for the last 6 years and have recently decided to go on an adventure in setting up my own business called Teachify. As a country with a strong football culture I’m often asked which team I support. I proudly say “Tottenham Hotspurs, the greatest football team in the Premier League” to which almost every student replies “¿Ese quien es?”. I have to force each letter out and say T-o-t-t-e-n-h-a-m for them to understand. I admit it’s not the easiest word to say, seeing as it contains one of the most difficult sounds in the English language. The Schwa. Anyway, I’m not writing this to talk about my beloved football team. I’m writing to explain the different ways the word ‘draw’ can be used. It has various meanings in English and has caused a great deal of confusion in my class. I’ll keep it short and sweet!

  1. E.g. Yesterday, Real Madrid drew 1-1 with Tottenham Hotspurs.
  2. E.g. I really enjoy drawing pictures.
  3. E.g. It’s getting dark now, I’m going to draw the curtains.
  4. E.g. I can’t seem to draw his attention.
  • In example 1 you can see that the meaning in Spanish would be ’empatar’.
  • In example 2 you can see that the meaning in Spanish would be ‘dibujar’.
  • In example 3 you can see that the meaning in Spanish would be ‘correr las curtains’.
  • In example 4 you can see that the meaning in Spanish would be ‘llamar su atención’.

I’m sure that there are more meanings to this diverse word, but these are the ones I’m most commonly asked about. Feel free to add any other meanings you know about.

I hope you’ve found this useful!


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