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7 Great Professional ‘Ice Breakers’ in English


7 Great Professional 'Ice Breakers' in English

Starting a conversation with somebody who you don’t know can be difficult, especially if it is not in your first language! Here are 7 great conversation starters, or ice breakers as we call them in English. These icebreakers can be adapted to any situation.

Hello my name’s ……, is it ok if I join your group?

This ice breaker is great, especially if you are somewhere you don’t know anybody and there is a particular group of people you would like to join.

Are you here alone or with a group?

This question is a great one for if you find yourself talking to somebody one on one. If they tell you that they are alone you may well have a new friend for the evening. If they are with a group they may invite you over to join them!

Sorry, do you mind if I join you?

This is very similar to the first ice breaker we looked at. With English people especially, it is always best to be polite and ask before joining in with a  group!

Do you know many people here tonight?

This is another great one to use if you find yourself talking to somebody one on one!

Is this your first time at the conference?

This is a great question to ask somebody you have just met at a conference or any other type of recurring event.

Did you attend any good presentations today?

This ice breaker is perfect for if you are at a conference or big networking event with multiple presentations.

Have you travelled a long way to get here?

Not only is this a great ice breaker but it’s a great way to find out where the person you are talking to is from.

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