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Our Mission

The objective at Teachify is to offer professional learners the opportunity to perfect their English and triumph in their personal lives, gaining a competitive advantage in the business sector.

All professional learners are welcome to join our modus operandi!


Where it all started

Teachify launched in 2017, in Seville.

It was our own CEO with the vision - Micael Soto - launching the idea and building the foundations from the ground up with one clear mission in mind: offer a unique methodology with the flexibility to include English into the lives of professional learners, creating a habit of learning the language and not feeling as if it were a chore.

Teachify has been designed and created to offer exactly that. A learning experience with rapid results. 

Our Evolution

Since the start of 2017, we have reached more than 700 clients across Sevilla, Madrid and Barcelona, with plans to continue expanding. We offer in-company English classes in small groups, private classes for CEOs, mangers & welcome all professional learners looking to really improve with their English.

We are the middle of an expansion plan to take Teachify not only in Spain, but to all corners of the world. Learn English wherever you are in the world!

Constant Growth

Thanks to the continuous adaptation to our client needs, Teachify has grown organically, consolidating and retaining all its clients.

Our Clients

Teaching English to the best of the best!
Lewis and Dani in iSspaces having fun before English class

Mickey Soto

Teachify CEO

I worked as an English teacher in Sevilla for 8 years. I went from teaching English, to creating and developing content to later managing a team and an academy.

Over the years, I began to realise that professional learners required a different type of English service, one more adapted to their needs.

While working as head of studies in an English academy a few years back, it became clear to see that, despite learners wanting to learn English, they found it challenging to commit to two classes a week, in a fixed schedule and in a large group where everyone had different objectives. Not only that, usually starting the classes late, having to travel to the academy and getting home late and tired.

With the objective to offer those professional learners a service adapted to their needs, I launched the first platform which would be know as Teachify Your Life!.

Our Clients

Can you identify yourself?

Un particular dando clases de inglés con Teachify en Sevilla

The Private

The private student that gets frustrated with the typical "solutions" traditional academies offer. You work a lot, have a family & can't even find 3 hours for yourself, let alone join an English course. You need certain flexibility from the teacher.

On top of that, you have concrete objectives in mind for example: you love travelling and you want to feel free to express yourself, you want to participate in conversations or you simply love the English language & are passionate about improving.

Un profesional dando clases de inglés con Teachify en Sevilla

The professional

English courses for CEOs, project managers & members of staff with a flexible timetable.

We live in a world full of time restrictions due to heavy workload, demanding professional positions, or even family responsibilities.

Even so, English is fundamental to successfully execute business internationally. Now you can pick and choose each of your classes, changing the day, time and teacher each week.

Teachify will adapt to your time schedule and needs.

Una empresa contratando clases de inglés con Teachify en Sevilla

The Company

Teachify offers English courses to important companies, such as Isotorl, Oracle, Optima, Grupo Active, Cuatrecasas, Admiral Insurance.

Our experienced teachers and methodology have shown incredible results to small groups.

We have found the perfect formula to ensure our professional learners achieve a high standard and all-rounded English.

Technology has always been at the forefront and incorporated to the Teachify methodology.

What we offer our professional learners

We welcome all professional learners and offer them all the necessary tools to improve English with maximum availability and optimal results. 

The Best Of Teachify

You have control

We understand time is of the essence, which is why Teachify offers complete flexibility to decide the day, time and teacher of each class.

Bringing English to you

In other words, if you have limited free time and the only free time you have clashes with you being out of the house, taking a break at work, or doing the shopping, Teachify is your solution!

We adapt to you without you having to give up on your daily routine or free time.

More information #TeachifyYourLife!

Native Teachers

The Teachify teachers are all highly certified and have experience motivating you to overcome your fears of speaking. We focus on building confidence and preparing you for every possible situation.

Online Content

All content taught will be uploaded and provided to you on an online platform with 24hr access.

Our content team, are consistently developing new ideas and concepts to help you improve, such as videos, audios, games and podcasts each week. Content uploaded is related to the content taught in class.

Teachify adapts to you

As a result, we have students all over the world. With one click, you can enjoy a personalised English class exactly how you want it.

Teachify pays close attention to your individual needs, adapting each class to ensure you make the most out of each session.

No excuses!

If the willingness to learn is there, we will take care of the rest.


Teachify adapts to you

As a result, we have students all over the world. With one click, you can enjoy a personalised English class exactly how you want it.

Teachify pays close attention to your individual needs, adapting each class to ensure you make the most out of each session.

No excuses!

If the willingness to learn is there, we will take care of the rest.

Success Cases

Daniel del Toro da clases de inglés con Teachify

The Private

Daniel del Toro

Daniel, Master Chef contestant, set himself the challenge of learning English in only three months.

Daniel started learning English from zero and set himself the objective of holding a mini cooking class, in English, in front of a group of people.

Not only did Daniel reach his learning goals successfully, his 20k followers on Instagram enjoyed being there step-by-step to see how he improved. Daniel is actually in talks with Sainsbury's to offer his famous "picos" throughout the UK, an area we are also guiding him in.

The Professional

Isabel León Sánchez

Despite having a PHD and having studied agriculture during many years, Isable found it difficult to secure a job related to a similar sector in Spain.

Isabel started private English classes with Teachify to improve her working opportunities. Shortly after achieving an official certificate to certify her English level came an opportunity to work in Holland within a role perfectly suited to her studies.

We decided to adapt her learning objectives and focused more on business English to perfect her interview techniques and negotiation skills should they be required further down the line.

We worked on formal English, emails, small talk and even more importantly, cultural differences in Holland.

No by luck, but dedication and clear objectives set from day one, Isabel landed her dream job. Isabel has now been working, travelling and speaking professional English for the last 3 years in her new position.

Isabel León Sánchez da clases de inglés con Teachify

The Company

Ángel Jiménez Romero

I decided to look for a private teacher to help me improve me English, this is when I met Micael (founder of Teachify) before Teachify was formed. I requested English classes for myself and a collogue every Friday afterwork which he gladly accepted. 

It turned out to be a great experience, one we continue nowadays. 

We would meet in a bar, have lunch and what was left in the class would be done in my Endesa office where we used to work on more grammar & vocabulary. Those 2 hours in the bar and in the office were 100% in English, no Spanish whatsoever. 

This is where and how I truly began to learn English and gain fluency.

As time passed, Micael had the idea of setting up his own startup linked with this style of Teachify which included 3 fundamental pillars. 

  1. I will travel to the location you choose.
  2. Converse and teach grammar during 1 hour
  3. I will adapt to your learning needs.

Our Values

What is behind every decision we make at Teachify?


  • Exclusive content via an online platform just for you

  • Engaging games and activities created and provided by Teachify


  • Zero paper!

  • Online classes or all travel done on a bicycle

Client Driven

  • Clear objectives set by learners

  • Frequent evaluation check points to ensure you are on the right track

  • Content adapted to clients and available on learning platform

Now what?

Let's get the show on the road!

We hope our vision aligns with your learning goals! Take the next step and contact Teachify to become a master in the English language.

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