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What is Teachify e-Learning?

The objective at Teachify has always been to offer our professional learners all the necessary tools to ease your English learning journey. 

We are aware that it is fundamental to attend English classes every week to reach your learning goals. Having access to a guided e-Learning platform with extra personalised content, will aid you in overcoming the daily challenges you face.

With the Teachify e-Learning platform you can continue to effortlessly learn English in your free time. 

One solution for all your linguistic needs.

Incredible Results!

You can access your account 24hr and learn something new. No limites!

A variety of activities such as grammar, tests, phrasal verbs, expressions, vocabulary and much more...

Find all the answers you are looking for when it comes to tricky grammar. #TeachifyYourLife!

Pay for what you use only!

Price between 16-21€/month per student.

Use your Fundae credits

Depending on progression of each professional learner, make adjustments and tailor the course to ensure you only pay for active employees.

Want to try a pilot course?

Book a demo! 

Use government funded credits to purchase e-Learning. 

  • See data and keep track of progression of your employees.
  • Dynamic and intuitive reports on each student.
  • Precise monitoring: 25 possible monitoring criteria: level, progression, time spent, etc.
  • Identify individual aptitudes and acquired skills.
  • All reports can be exported to excel.

At the moment club Teachify e-Learning is only for companies, but soon it will be offered to all Teachifyers!

Of course! The idea of the Teachify e-learning is for it not to be your principle source of learning English. That is why we offer personalised English courses through the Teachify platform.

Teachify is to boost your learning options in your free time, to ensure you are always improving your language skills in the classroom and in the real world.

Yes! When you have created an account, you can access your profile where you will see the courses you have started and completed. We hope this will motivate you to learn on a frequent basis.

Teachify There are no additional costs. All the content and 24hr access will be granted when you form part of club Teachify e-Learning.

Do you have any questions? Read our FAQs and feel free to contact us.


Legendary help & support

Incidents will be resolved as soon as possible through our online support. 

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