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"With our Business English Classes, your growth will have no limits or barriers. You will be able to grow as far as you want!"
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Our business English classes in Spain are designed to provide a personalised and interactive learning experience for all levels, from beginner to advanced #TeachifyYourLife!

Flexible Options

We understand that companies have busy schedules, which is why our online business English courses offer flexible learning options. We offer live virtual classes as well as self-paced learning modules, allowing your employees to learn at their own time and on their own schedule.

Interactive Learning

Our aim is to make language learning practical and relevant to each client's needs. business English online focus on real-life situations and scenarios, allowing your employees to apply their language skills in the context of their work.

No Limits

By improving your employees' language skills, you can expand your company's global reach, communicate more effectively with international partners and customers, and increase the efficiency of your company's operations. You are just one step away from signing up for the best business English course.

These companies have chosen Teachify for Business English Online Classes

Whether in a team meeting, responding to emails or even dealing with international clients, being comfortable and confident speaking English is a must. 

Professional Business English course 

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Best Business English course


Business English course

From multinationals to the smallest SMEs, our clients understand the importance of communication as a fundamental pillar of business.

Professional English Courses

Group Classes

Very reduced groups
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Tailor-made study plan
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One-to-one Classes

100% flexible and personalised
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The Combination

You decide!
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What are the advantages for HR?

Access to reports, analyses and assistance at any time.

Monthly meeting with your personal Teachify account manager to stay up to date with your English learning progress.

We adapt to your invoicing needs and offer flexibility in terms of dates, deadlines and payment methods.

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What are the benefits for students?

The best feedback we consistently receive from students is how happy they are when they have been able to participate in a meeting in English and finally demonstrate their professional skills in another language.

Teachify's communicative methodology guarantees fast results. English should adapt to your routine, not the other way around.

Content carefully created for each client to offer a complete, quality service with linguistically expert teachers. Learn to speak English from the very first moment!

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What is the Teachify methodology?

We work with a carefully selected team of native English teachers. Only the best are allowed to work at Teachify - our clients demand it! 

Teachify's methodology is based on a communicative approach where weak areas are identified and refined by our teachers using our personalised content and adapting to your learning needs.

We continuously monitor our groups and private lessons through recordings and then hold training sessions with Teachify teachers to ensure continuous improvement and the same level of quality across all our courses.

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Why FUNDAE with Teachify? 🇪🇸

Official entity accredited and recognised by FUNDAE. We manage all your FUNDAE requirements.  

Systems in place to ensure that all documents are managed correctly when creating courses through FUNDAE. You won't have to lift a finger.

We monitor the attendance of all students to ensure that they reach the 75% mark and the course can be finalised and closed through FUNDAE.

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Why Teachify France? 🇫🇷

Teachify está oficialmente acreditado por Qualiopi garantizando una calidad de servicio en toda Francia.

*La certification a été délivré au titre de la catégorie d’action : action de formation.

Here you can read about our services dedicated to the French market, where Teachify has grown organically due to the high demand we have had.

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The Teachify Way!

Our approach to delivering the perfect online business English course

We want to make sure that your learning objectives are met as a company, that's why at Teachify we have created and implemented the perfect method business English courses

Book a 30-minute English course/classes for companies meeting and we will go through all our services to see which one best suits your needs as a company. We will then send you a tailor-made proposal. We have a sliding scale on Teachify where you could have the e-learning platform and HR classes for free. > BOOK MEETING <

Placement tests are free of charge! We will test all employees with an online written test and a 10-minute oral test each with our Head of Business English.

We carefully select the content of English classes for companies that matches your company's learning objectives. This is a key phase when a new client joins Teachify.

Onboarding for the Teachify team! We meet with the team to talk about the new client (you) and what your learning objectives are along with details about your company and sector.

With your personal Teachify account manager, you will decide the days and times of the complete course and we will manage all the necessary documentation to get you started.


We monitor each student's attendance and progress on a weekly basis. If there are any issues that need to be addressed, we will deal with them on the spot. At the end of each month, you will have a meeting with your Teachify account manager to review all the details and make sure we are meeting the objectives set from the beginning.

Do you want a customised proposal?

Our team of experts will review your company's needs and provide you with a tailor-made solution.


The most frequently asked questions for business English courses

In-company English courses are personalised for each client and will depend on your learning objectives. Our in-company online English courses run throughout the year and we always try to fit in with your timetable. Know more about this English course for companies.

Yes, of course!, El curso de ingles profesional de negociosThe courses are designed to be accessible to students of all levels. We provide all the necessary content, adapted to all levels, to ensure that students learn consistently, but also push them to improve on a weekly basis.

This is our strength! This is our strength for the Professional Business English course! Teachify only works with selected professional native English teachers with a minimum of 5 years experience. We offer in-house training to our entire team on a monthly basis. This ensures that the standard of the team is high.

Learning a language takes time, dedication and effort, not only on the part of the student, but also on the part of the teacher. We have systems in place to check progress and adapt accordingly to ensure we are always on track. One course of business english online with Teachify is enough to see significant improvement, depending on the total number of hours. We recommend a minimum of 2 hours per week, plus extra activities to see the best results.

Teahcify has the resources to manage Fundae (Spain) or Qualiopi (France) credits. We will do an analysis to ensure that the business English online courses can be fully subsidised. Alternatively, you can manage the documentation directly and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

To improve your professional English, start by focusing on your pronunciation and intonation. Speaking clearly and confidently is crucial in the business world, and practising your pronunciation can help you communicate more effectively with colleagues, clients and partners. Another important aspect of professional English is vocabulary. Building a strong vocabulary in your industry is key to understanding complex topics and communicating your ideas clearly. Business english course. 

We currently offer French and Spanish classes apart from business English online due to the demand of our clients following the same Teachify methodology with native teachers of both languages.

It's a question we would love to answer with a pilot course and a first-hand experience of how we work at Teahcify. We know we offer the best quality of well-trained native teachers and attention to detail. There are many learning platforms available all with a different selling point, we deliver results and optimal learning. The best Business English classes near me. 

We manage your FUNDAE credits

It has never been easier to manage your FUNDAE credits with our management system.

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