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10 Phrasal Verbs con 'Put'

¡Hola Teachifyers!

En esta post vamos a ver algunos de los phrasal verbs más útiles del inglés con la palabra: Put.

1. To Put on

Ponerse algo (ropa, normalmente), también podemos usar cuando aumentas de peso y colocas sobre una superficie.

Por ejemplo:

  • I am going to put on my best shirt for my date tonight!
  • I’ve put on some weight over the Christmas holidays, too much turkey!
  • Put the glass on the table.

2. To Put up With

Tolerar o Aguantar

Por ejemplo:

  • I have been putting up with the noise from the construction site for the past few months.
  • I can’t put up with my girlfriend any more, I think we need to break up.

3. To Put off

Posponer o Aplazar algo.

Por ejemplo:

  • They have put off the meeting until next week.
  • I keep putting off cleaning my room because I don’t want to do it.

4. To Put Down

Bajar o Despreciar

Por ejemplo:

  • My boss always puts me down in meetings, it’s very embarrassing. 
  • W put down the book on the table.

5. To Put Back

Retrasar o poner algo donde estaba antes.

Por ejemplo:

  • We are never going to finish the project in time so our boss has put back the deadline to next month.
  • Please can you put the book back on the shelf when you are finished with it.

6. Put Through

Sometido a

Por ejemplo:

  • Police officers are put through a very intense training schedule.

7. To Put in for


Por ejemplo:

  • He put in for a transfer to the Madrid office.

8. To Put Away

Ahorrar, Guardar

Por ejemplo:

  • I normally put away £500 a month from my salary into my savings.
  • W put my clothes away in my wardrobe.

9. To Put out


Por ejemplo:

  • W put the rubbish out on Wednesdays.

10. To Put in

Meter en, Instalar o Presentar

  • W put the rubbish in the bin.
  • We are going to have a new boiler put in tomorrow.

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