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Teachify Teacher Chit-Chat Crime

Teachify Teacher Chit-CHat Academia de INGLÉS Sevilla Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Linkedin Hi English lovers! It’s time for another Teacher Chit Chat. This month we have been learning all about the topic of crime with our students!  For this month’s chit chat you are lucky enough to be joined by all 4 of us Teachifyers … Read more

Tecno Revolución CaixaForum inglés con Teachify

Teachify Sevilla By Jack Perez-Haydock Inglés en CaixaForum On Friday we had our first Teachify event at the Caixa Forum! We met with several of our students from companies like  Endesa, Tekpymes, Skylife engineering along with all of us Teachifyers: Mickey, Jonathan, Jack and Lewis, for a free English guided tour around the Forum, courtesy … Read more

What is the deal with Brexit?

So, what’s going on with Brexit? In class a lot of our #Teachify students are asking about Brexit so we thought we would make this summary to keep you in the loop.  By Jack Perez-Haydock After nearly three years of almost constant infighting, snap elections and even the resignation of a Prime Minister, the UK’s … Read more

Teachify Teacher Chit-Chat FOOD

Teachify Teacher Chit-Chat Food Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram Youtube Academia de inglés Hello everybody and welcome back to our monthly teacher chit-chat.  Today Lewis, Jack and Mickey have had a chat about food.  At first, we weren’t sure what to focus on, given that we have discussed a variety of subtopics related to food in … Read more

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