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The Best Christmas Films to Practice Your English


The Best Christmas Films to Practice Your English

 Christmas is a great time to take a break from everything and enjoy time with friends and family. However, for those of you worried about your English getting rusty over the holidays, here are some of the best English Christmas films for you to check out.

A Christmas Carol

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Tim Burton classic musical doubles as both a Halloween AND a Christmas film!  The film follows Jack Skellington and his plans to kidnap Santa Claus. With many well known songs, Nightmare Before Christmas  is great fun for both adults and children.

Love Actually

Without a doubt one of the most well known Christmas films of all time and is great for those who are more familiar with the British accent. Love Actually has everything, classic Christmas songs along with an all star cast, with Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, Rowan Atkinson just to name a few!

Die Hard

A controversial addition to this list as many do not consider it to be a Christmas film, though as the film takes place during Christmas time I think that’s enough for it to be included. This film is great for the difference in accents and speaking styles between Bruce Willis’s more colloquial American accent and Alan Rickman’s more formal English accent.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Another controversial addition to this list. Although not explicitly a ‘Christmas Film,’ Bridget Jones starts and ends at Christmas time which is close enough for me! Featuring both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, this film is perfect for mastering the classic ‘gentlemanly’ English accent.

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