¿Quieres aprender inglés? Nuevos cursos para empresas comenzando todos los meses 🥇

Masterchef Sevilla with Daniel Del Toro!

After missing out on various job opportunities promoting Spanish products overseas due to his non existent English, Sevillano chef Daniel Del Toro was looking to make a change.

Daniel reasoned that he had to vastly improve his English in order to have any chance of getting these jobs.

Why did we want to take on the challenge?

Teaching a student English from scratch is no short order. Luckily Teachifyer Micael Soto was up to the task.

Looking for a challenge Micael reached out to Daniel with a suggestion, a 3 month intensive English course which would culminate in a live cooking demonstration at our offices at iSspaces.

It took some persuading but eventually we managed to finally get Daniel to relent and begin his 3 month English course.

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What were the difficulties teaching Daniel?

Teaching a student like Daniel was a totally new challenge for me as he is such a busy man, it was sometimes difficult for us to schedule the necessary classes for him, that said his passion and eagerness was very refreshing. There are very few students that I have taught who are as motivated as Danny! Although perhaps we didn’t manage to get in quite as many hours in as we had hoped I certainly feel that we’ve managed to provide him with the essentials needed for the big cooking show.

Daniel del Toro da clases de inglés con Teachify

Taking into account my level of English was minus zero and now I am able to hold a basic conversation, I think the classes went pretty well! Although, I should study a lot more!! Haha

Academia de inglés Sevilla

So the big day is almost upon us! For the big cooking show Daniel will prepare two recipes aimed at the busy professional who wants to eat healthily, however does not have time to cook mid week.

Both recipes are quick, healthy and can be prepared in an office with minimal equipment. The demonstration will be not only be a showcase for Daniels famous cooking skills, but also his new English ability!

Where is the cooking show?

So if you are a professional based in Sevilla and are keen to improve your cooking skills along with a good opportunity to utilise your English come on down to iSspaces on Monday 3rd June! 

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