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5 More Money Related Phrasal Verbs


5 More Money Related Phrasal Verbs

Carrying on with our monthly topic of money, here are 5 more Phrasal Verbs for you to get acquainted with!


Back Out/ Pull out of: To retreat from something after initial interest.

  • He spent 3 weeks getting the financing together but then the seller backed/pulled out of the deal.


Bail out: To give a financially troubled institute money.

  • After the 2008, many banks and companies had to be bailed out with tax payer money.


Buy Out: To take over a company or purchase shares.

  • Bob and Mark started a business twenty years, and when Bob decided to go back to college Mark bought him out.


Do without: To deny oneself of certain comforts or benefits.

  • Ever since the budget cuts our department has had to do without the free coffee.


Pay Back: To repay or to return a loan.

  • Don’t lend Javier any money, he won’t pay it back.

Formation d'anglais à Séville

See if you can put them into practice, fill in the gaps with the correct work.

  • The deal didn’t go ahead in the end because one of the parties____________ of the deal at the last minute.
  • After Laura lost all of her holiday money at the casino her family_______________ and lent her the money to get back home.
  • In 2012 Facebook___________ Instagram for $1 billion.
  • To save money this month we are going to____________ Air Conditioning.
  • I have to__________ the money the bank lent me so I could buy my house.

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