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5 Work Related Idioms

Hello Fantastic Teachyers!

I hope that you are all doing well and studying hard. In today’s post we are going to go over some more useful work related idioms. These idioms are perfect if you want to impress your international colleagues or if you just want to improve your conversational English.


Pull your weight

To do your percentage of assigned work.

  • You’ve got to start pulling your weight or we will find someone else who can!

To Take Someone Under Your Wing

To Look after someone until they settle in.

  • As you are new to the company, I will be taking you under my wing for your first few months here.

Keep Tabs on Someone

To watch someone or something carefully to see what they are doing.

  • We need to keep tabs on the stock market.

Do Your Fair Share

To do your percentage of assigned work. (synonym of Pull your weight.)

  • We may need to fire him, he never does his fair share around here.

To be at Somebody’s Beck and Call

To be ready to do what somebody wants.

  • As my new assistant you will be at my constant beck and call.

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Now let’s see if you can use them in context!


  1. He never____________________ at work.
  2. The new employee is great! He definitely _________________ around here.
  3. The new interns were at my _______________.
  4. The new manager has been________________ the new sales team at the moment as they haven’t been hitting their targets recently.
  5. My supervisor___________________ for my first month at the company.

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