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9 English ‘Dad Jokes’


9 English 'Dad Jokes'

Whatever language you speak laughter is universal. Whether you ‘haha’ or ‘jaja’ laughter is something that truly brings us together. So this is why I thought I would share for you some English dad jokes (or jokes that only your dad would find funny!)

1. How does a computer get drunk? It takes screenshots!

This joke is a play on the word shots, which translated to Spanish is a ‘chupito,’ a tiny measure of hard liquor like vodka or gin. However a screenshot is the word we use when you want to capture and duplicate an image on your computer screen. So how would a computer get drunk? It would take screen shots of course!

2. Why was the mobile phone wearing glasses? It had lost its contacts!

To understand this joke you must understand some of the different ways we use the word contact as a noun. A contact can be a number saved in your phone, however it can also be a shorter way of saying contact lenses, a thin lens which you put over your eye instead of glasses.

3. How do you organize a party in Space? You Planet!

The pun here is on the word planet as it sounds a bit like ‘plan it,’ so How do you organize a party in Space? You plan it!

4. How are stars like false teeth? They only come out at night!

This one is a pretty easy one. When do people take out their false teeth? At night! When do you see the stars? Also at night!

5. Why don’t bank managers ever retire? They just lose interest!

This one works the same in Spanish. ¿Por qué los gerentes de bancos nunca se jubilan? solo pierden interés!

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6. Why don’t musicians ever retire? They just decompose!

What do we call it when a songwriter writes music? Composing! However to decompose means to deteriorate or to rot.

7. Did you hear the rumour about butter? Well I’m not going to spread it!

This joke works because you can use the verb to spread when talking about putting butter on toast and it can be used a synonym for ‘circulate.’

8. What’s the weather like on top of that mountain? I don’t know climate!

So as we know climate is another word for weather, however it also sounds a lot like climb it. So What’s the weather like at the top of that mountain? I don’t know climb it!

9. Why don’t aliens visit our solar system? Terrible ratings, 1 star!

This joke works because usually tourist attractions are rated with the star system ( most commonly between 1-5 stars.) However, as we know the earth orbits the sun, the only star in our solar system. So why would they visit somewhere with only 1 star?


I hope that you enjoyed these jokes, if you have any further questions leave a comment below.





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