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How to use ‘Enough’ in a sentence.


How to use Enough in a Sentence

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In todays blog post we are going to learn how to properly use enough in a sentence. The first thing that we need to be aware of is that the word enough can be used in a sentence with adjectives, nouns, verbs and even adverbs! So lets go through and check out the different ways that we can use enough.


With Adjectives.

  • The girl wasn’t tall enough to ride the rollercoaster

As tall is an adjective we need to put enough afterwards.


With Nouns

  • There wasn’t enough interest so the event was cancelled.

In this sentence, the word interest functions as a noun so we need to put enough before.


With Verbs

  • I am unhealthy because I don’t exercise enough.

When used in a sentence with Verbs we put enough afterwards.


With Adverbs

  • I didn’t run quickly enough to beat my marathon target.

Similarly to with verbs and adjectives, we put enough after adverbs when used in a sentence together.

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Let’s see if you can complete the sentences using enough and the words in brackets.

  • (Money) I don’t have ______________ to go shopping.
  • (Old) Are you___________ to get a drivers license.
  • (Fast) My old car is too slow, it isn’t____________
  • (Eggs) Yes there are____________ to bake a cake.
  • (Warm) It isn’t____________ to go to the beach today.
  • (People) Where can I find____________ for the game?
  • (Tests) Our Teacher never gives us_____________.

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