Making Wishes: How to use Wish in a Sentence


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How to use 'Wish' in a Sentence.

Hi guys!

In today’s blog post we are going to be having a look at how we can use wish in a sentence. Usually we use wish when we are speaking about imaginary or hypothetical scenarios (not to be confused with hope, you can find more information on this here.)

There are a few grammatical rules we must follow when using wish in a sentence.

Wishes About the Present & Future

When we are speaking about the present or future we use wish + past simple:

  • I wish I studied languages at school (I don’t study language at school)
  • I wish I could break up with my girlfriend but we are in quarantine together! (I can’t break up with my girlfriend because we are in quarantine together.

We can also use wish + past continuous to express a desire to be doing something else at a particular moment.

  • I wish I was sunbathing right now.
  • I wish I was working from the office instead of having to work from home

Wishes About the Past

We can use wish + past perfect to express a regret about the past.

  • I wish I hadn’t spent so much money this weekend.
  • I wish I hadn’t been so lazy at school.


I hope you’ve found this guide helpful, if you have any questions leave a comment below!

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