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Teachify Teacher Chit Chat – Emotions


Teachify Teacher Chit Chat - Emotions

Welcome back everybody, I hope you haven’t missed us too much and I have no doubt that you’ve been looking forward to watching another of our monthly chitchats.

This time Lewis and Shannon talk about emotions, in particular, they have chosen to discuss anger, embarrassment and fear before finishing off with stress.

Just to recap, the idea behind these chitchats is for you to refresh your memory of vocabulary and topics studied in class. Yet, if you are not one of our students or if you’ve missed classes recently then don’t worry.

Clases De Inglés Sevilla

Our chitchats are designed to be interesting for everybody and whether you’re just starting to learn English or you want to perfect your knowledge, this video and blog will be beneficial for you. With language learning it’s always a good idea to study little and often so try to watch the video a few times, perhaps on different days, and you’ll understand more and more.

Other than that, if you would like to work on your pronunciation, I encourage you to try to imitate the way we speak and use our speech as a model for your pronunciation. Last but not least, below, as usual, you have a short list of some of the most difficult words we used along with a synonym and an example in context.

So sit back, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the talk!

Interesting Vocabulary

  • Drive someone nuts – make someone angry. “Slow walkers really drive me nuts.”
  • Rush – do things in a hurry. “This annoys me when I rush though the city.”
  • Get on someone’s nerves – make someone angry. “Slow Wi-Fi gets on my nerves.”
  • Stumble over – to stutter or stammer when speaking. “I used to stumble over my words when giving a presentation.”
  • Feel left out – feel excluded. “It makes me feel left out.”
  • Awkward – uncomfortable. “I agree, it’s quite an awkward thing.”
  • Tunes – songs. “I was just listening to my tunes.”
  • Mortified – extremely embarrassed. “I couldn’t believe it, I was mortified.”
  • Go red – you face or cheeks become red as you’re embarrassed. “It was horrible, I went bright red.”
  • Creepy crawlies – insects. “I’m a coward, I’m terrified of creepy crawlies.”
  • Wrap up – finish. “Before we wrap up, let’s talk about stress.”

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