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Teachify Teacher Chit-Chat Sport


Teachify Teacher Chit-Chat Sport

Clases de inglés en empresas

Focus, keep your eye on the ball and get ready to perform because after a long time out of action over summer, our monthly topic-based chitchats are back!  

What is a chit-chat?

Well, to refresh your memory, a chitchat is an informal discussion and we believe that listening to engaging discussions is a great way of maintaining interest in learning a language while perfecting your understanding, pronunciation, vocabulary and so much more. 

What did we talk about?

So in today’s chitchat, Mickey and Lewis discuss the monthly topic that we based some of our classes on in September. 

We thought that after putting on some weight after a few too many beers on the beach we would analyse a number of different sport topics, among those the Olympic games, sports betting and the financial situation of modern football. 

Make sure you concentrate on the spoken language being used and if possible, repeat what we say out loud so your neighbours hear you speaking like a native.

Learn as if you were to live forever.

Where can I learn the phrasal verbs?

To begin with, we give a couple of examples of some common sport-related phrasal verbs. 

Pass out and bulk up were the first two.   

If you’d like to see even more examples, why don’t you check out our previous blog listing ten sport phrasal verbs?

After that we have a short discussion about the ‘night race’ that we ran and how we’re training with the view to potentially running a marathon in Malaga before the end of the year. 

Here we actually gave two more examples of racing phrasal verbs, fall behind and then catch up.  I know, we’re on fire!

Can you remember what Mickey has given up?

During our chat about running long distances and competing in races, Mickey told us that he ran the Malaga half marathon years ago because he did it for a £10 bet. 

This provided a good platform for us to move on to talk about sports betting and our opinions on this now controversial industry with so many adverts on TV.

With the current theme of phrasal verbs related to sport, we added an extra one given that we were speaking about addictions and being addicted to gambling or sports betting. 

In this case we’re not going to write it down, we’d like you to pay attention and see if you can guess it.  Mickey, have you _____ __ anything recently?  I have _____ ___ smoking.

What phrasal verb could it be then?

Here’s a clue, a synonym of this verb is ‘to quit.’

Clases de inglés en empresas

Oh, and pay attention to Mickey when he says what football team he supports. 

Bearing in mind that we recorded the video on the 1st of October, he reminded us that his team were going to play against Bayern Munich. 

If any of you are football fans I’m sure you can imagine how Mickey is feeling at the moment. 

That’ll be enough for today folks, we hope you’ve enjoyed watching our chitchat and reading the corresponding blog. 

Just remember, that every day is a school day and every day you learn something new! 

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