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Teachify returns!

Clases de inglés Madrid

Hello everybody and welcome back to the start of a new term here at Teachify HQ!

We hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready to Teachify your life!

Once Lewis and Mickey had finished waffling on it was time for some big news, as the two announced that to begin the new term, there is a new teacher joining the Teachify ranks here in Seville – that’s right people, Teachify is going places. For those of you eager to know more about the recent and exciting addition to the Teachify team (and who wouldn’t be!?) make sure you listen to podcast number #37 to get the low-down.

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So many accents!

Mejor academia de inglés Madrid

This announcement brought us onto the wonderful topic of accents! Ah accents, the great divider amongst Brits all over the United Kingdom. From north to south, east to west there is a rich, fascinating and downright ludicrous array of accents throughout the British Isles. 

Do you know how many different British accents there are? I don’t, but let me introduce you to some of the most well known:

Mancunian = Manchester

Scotch/Scottish = Scotland

Scouse = Liverpool

Brummie = Birmingham

Cockney = London 

Geordie = Newcastle

Welsh/Taff = Wales

West Country/Bristolian = Bristol 

There are many more accents, dialects and slang words throughout the rest of the country, but these are a collection of those that you are most likely to encounter! 

Whilst discussing their summer breaks, the guys spoke about the ups and downs of spending a long period of time at your parents’ house – can you remember what examples Lewis gave?

If you can’t remember then don’t worry, you have two options….

  1. Go back and listen to the podcast which you can do here. (Added bonus of listening to EVEN more english and an another opportunity to improve!).
  2. Continue reading…..as I’m about to tell you!!

Lewis’ upside to being at home  was that he likes to pig out for the first week or so. He likes to enjoy all of the naughty and less-nutritionally dense foods, to indulge on the treats! Whilst Lewis enjoys his food, he enjoys his privacy just as much and unfortunately he feels that he just doesn’t quite get the opportunity to switch-off when at home with his parents as there is often a conversation to have. 

What are your thoughts on the ups and downs of living with your parents? Do you agree with the examples given? Let us know!


Clases de inglés negocios

As many of our wonderful listeners, readers and students will know, here at Teachify we’re rather proud of our Instagram activity where we offer many free snippets of English content to our followers. Whether that be phrasal verbs,  idioms or even one of the free weekly lessons (YES, FREE!!!).

To kick off the new term Mickey and Lewis decided to round up the most popular posts as voted by our many followers, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do for you here too. 

So not only can you listen to them, but you can also see them in writing with the intention of helping you to use them when speaking English. Lets begin….

  1. ‘To heat up’ (phrasal verb) – to make something (usually food) hotter than hot originally was. “I’m going to heat up my pasta”.
  1. ‘Fit as a fiddle’ (idiom) – A person who is very physically healthy and fit. “I played rugby three times last week, I’m as fit as a fiddle”.
  1. ‘So that’ – We use this in order to talk about a purpose. “I’ve made some sandwiches so that we don’t get hungry”. “I will go by plane so that I can get there quicker”.
  1. ‘Frowned upon’ (phrasal verb) – to disapprove of something. “Smoking is frowned upon in many countries”. 

Those are just some of our most popular expressions and we have many, many more over on our Instagram channel.

If you’re not already a follower of Teachify on instagram then you’re really missing out on a great opportunity to improve your English. You can quickly solve that problem by joining us here!

That’s all for this week folks, it’s fantastic to be back at Teachify HQ and we’re all raring to begin the new term. We hope you’ll be able to join us soon and in the meantime follow us on Spotify so you can Teachify Your Life!

Scroll down for a hilarious joke of the day and also some further explanations of the interesting  vocabulary that was used in this post. 

Joke of the week: “What type of sandals do frogs wear?”…..”Open-toad!”.

Interesting Vocabularly:

Waffling on: to talk or write a lot without giving any useful information or any clear answers.

Going places: used to describe a business that is becoming very successful.

Low-down: Information.

Guys: traditionally a term of endearment for a man, but now commonly used for both men and women. 

Ups & downs: the advantages and disadvantages of something

Pig out: to eat a lot of food, to indulge

Switch-off: to lose concentration/focus.

Round-up: To summarise.

Snippets: a very small or brief piece of information.

Raring (to go..): very eager/excited to begin something.

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