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A new decade begins!

Clases de inglés Madrid

Oh dear, oh dear, the start of a new decade was supposed to fill us with optimism and provide us with wonderful new opportunities, but let’s be honest it didn’t quite turn out that way, did it!?

January brought us the tragic helicopter crash that killed the global sporting-icon Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna Bryant and seven other victims and from there the calamities began to snowball. 

No Olympic Games, no European football championships, no holidays, no music festivals, working from home. Am I forgetting something? I feel like I may be…..? **cough-cough…ahem….the emergence of covid-19!?!?**. Whoops, I better not cough, I might turn heads!!

However, let’s not dwell on the past and the complications that 2020 has brought us thus far – instead, let’s focus on the good times and remain optimistic about what the future holds in store for us. Thats exactly what Lewis and Jack did for us this week! 

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In this episode Lewis introduced a new area to the podcast, in which he wants to find out what his guest learned that week. 

Unfortunately for Jack, this week he learned a rather harsh lesson – can you remember what it was? For those of you who can’t remember (you weren’t listening properly!!) Jack fell victim to bike theft. 

I’ve been fortunate in the fact that I’ve never had my bike stolen, but then again I have never left my bike unlocked. It’s not rocket science people, lock up your bike to stop the thieves!

In all honesty 2020 has been a bit rubbish in comparison to previous years, and the new decade definitely got off on the wrong foot, so to have his bike stolen on his return from holiday and to have also put on weight during the summer (something almost all of us do at one time or another) gave Jack every reason to feel a bit pessimistic for the remainder of the year and also the decade….but no, no, no, on the contrary my english-learning friends! Jack feels very optimistic for what the next nine-years (remainder of the decade) has in store for us. He even went as far to set himself a (very, very) late New Year’s resolution of going on a diet and exercising more. Like they say, «there’s no time like the present».

Good work Jack, that’s the positivity we like to hear! 

How about you? Do you remain optimistic for 2021 and beyond? Maybe you’d like to follow Jacks example by remaining positive and setting yourself a goal and what better way to commit to achieving that goal than continuing your studies with Teachify!

Stay positive!

Clases de inglés negocios

Just like Bob Marley said, «every little thing is gonna be alright» – oh wait, no…that was Lewis!! Whoever said it, the music legend or the teaching legend (Lewis – for those in need of clarification!) the words themselves are very true, everything will, sooner or later, be alright. We like to think of ourselves as perennial optimists here at Teachify and we actively encourage you to see the glass half full.

Thats all for this week folks, it’s time to call it a day. See you next time for another Teachify podcast review!

Interesting Vocabulary:

Oh dear – a polite saying to express surprise.

Turn out –  something happened in a particular way.

To snowball – something starts small and gets bigger and bigger.

Turn heads – attract a lot of attention.

To have/hold in store – something awaiting us in the future.

To find out – to discover or learn something.

Isn’t rocket science – its simple, not complicated.

Get off on the wrong foot – to start something badly.

Put on weight – to gain weight.

Pessimistic – believing the worst will happen.

Optimistic – seeing or believing in the best outcome of a situation.

Contrary – the opposite

No time like the present – do something now, not in the future.

Set a goal – have a plan to achieve something.

Perennial – existing/lasting for a very long time.

Glass half full – to view a situation in an optimistic way.

Call it a day – finish a task or work.

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