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Clases de inglés Madrid

Hello and once again welcome back to the Teachify podcast review! Today we’re reflecting on a interesting topic, one that has lead to some engaging conversations in our (online) classrooms .

This week our topic is ‘Mindfulness’. What words come to mind when you hear this word? Meditation?  Relaxation? Peacefulness? Yoga?

We generally think that in order to achieve a state of mindfulness that we must practice yoga, share your house with  so many plants that your lounge looks like a jungle or drink kombucha at the newest and hippest Scandinavian-goat-cafe. 

However, could mindfulness be something that we can achieve in our day-to-day life using some simple meditation techniques?

According to, Mindfulness is the basic ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us».

Taking this definition into consideration do you think that you are a mindful person? Do you try to take a moment or two out of your day to try and be aware of your surroundings or how you feel on an emotional level? 

As Lewis discussed in the podcast, he is not a very mindful person, and that’s totally ok! Being a mindful person does not necessarily make you better than anybody else, and on the flip-side to that, not being a mindful person is definitely not a negative personality trait.

Having said that, mindfulness can prove to be a very effective technique in dealing with stress and the high-pressure life that the 21st century can bring. 

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Mejor academia de inglés Madrid

«Enjoy the moment». A straightforward phrase, but not always so easy in reality. 

In our busy and hectic lives it is very easy to always be thinking ahead, always making plans with the intention of making our lives easier. 

But in doing so, we are often distracted from the present, and we forget to enjoy the simple things that are happening around us.

Does this happen to you? Maybe it’s time to consider mindfulness as way to help you enjoy the moment.

Alternatively, maybe you are experienced in practicing mindfulness and have a wealth of tips to help us focus on the present mindfulness. If you do, please get in touch with us and share your suggestions – we’d love to hear them! 

Lewis Rollinson Coordinador de Teachify Sevilla

Time for a chuckle...

Clases de inglés negocios

What do you call a Goat who knows martial arts??…. (just like our teacher Will!)

….The Karate Kid!

Interesting Vocabularly:

A Kid: A human child or Baby goat.

To reflect: To consider or think back on something with close or careful attention.

Come to mind: To think of something.

Day-to-day: What happens every day.

Take into consideration: To think about something before making a decision.

Be aware: Have knowledge of a situation or a fact.

Flip-side: another or alternative aspect of something. 

Straightforward: simple, without complications.

Thinking ahead: prepare for a future event or situation by thinking about what might happen.

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