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Meet Ash, our Newest Teacher!

We are delighted to introduce Ash, the latest addition to the Teachify team! 

Let’s find out a little bit about him!

So Ash tell us a bit about yourself

I come from a Journalism and writing background, so I have always had a passion for English.
My experience in teaching over the past couple of years has allowed me to gain an even better understanding of the English language, and in turn has strengthened my love for it.
Hopefully you will enjoy learning English as much as I enjoy teaching it!

And what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Being in the great outdoors! Cooking (and eating!), Collecting records, playing sport and saying “Hello” to as many Dogs as possible.

So why Sevilla?

Sevilla is steeped in a rich history which I find fascinating. The weather makes it easy to love too….and the price of beer is also a bonus!

And finally what is your top tip for those wanting to learn English?

Little and often! Develop the habit of using what you have learnt as frequently as you can. Be confident and make the most of any opportunity to improve, no matter how small.

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