Teachify Teacher Chit-Chat Education

Techify Teacher Chit-Chat Education

Clases de inglés negocios Sevilla

Here we are again, we’re back with our monthly Teachify Teacher chitchat, I’m sure you’ve been dying to watch another video after the last one, so we have delivered. 

You may notice that Mickey has had a makeover since our last chat and all of a sudden, he looks much better and sounds far better with an Australian accent. 

So what did we talk about today?

In Shannon’s first chitchat we discussed our main topic in June, that is Education. 

As part of the syllabus this month we’ve turned back time and tried to recall our memories from the good old days at primary and secondary school before focussing on university, on the job training, apprenticeships, language learning and more. 

Meet the Teachify Team!

Clases de inglés negocios

Keeping it short but sweet!


Consequently, Shannon and I tried to summarise some of the questions that arise when talking about education. 

Of course, you should be aware that we barely even scratched the surface of the topic during our chitchat as we want to keep it short but sweet.  

That way it’s not too much of a pain to watch the chitchat more than once in order to promote memorisation and acquisition of the language. 

What memories from school stand out for you?

Profesor particular de inglés Sevilla


As always, when we have a chitchat we endeavour to clear up any doubts with the language we use and sometimes we don’t realise when we use some unusual terms and phrases. 

That’s why it’s important to review the explanations you’ll find below which will, hopefully, ensure everything is as clear as day. 

That being said, sit back, get your earphones in and concentrate on what we say…fingers crossed you’ll enjoy it, we certainly enjoyed recording the video as we always do 😊

It's okay! We know it can be difficult to understand.

Tricky Vocabulary

Crew – team, company or group

Apprenticeships – paid training programs to learn a trade

On the job training – learning new things at work

Stand out – be very noticeable

Break time – short period of time at school in which you can play

Wrestling – sport or activity in which you fight an opponent

Misunderstand – not understand properly

Detention – punishment at school where you stay after hours

Laid back – relaxed

Set you free – release someone or something

Well-funded – a lot of money provided for a purpose

Leave something behind – forget or stop doing something

Gap year – a year to travel and take time off education or work

Go backpacking – travel at length carrying only a backpack

Graduate – to finish a degree

Get something out of one’s system – free oneself of a desire

Trend – tendency

Bother – make an effort to do something

What’s the point? – what is the reason, motive or need?


5 quick tips to help you learn English faster

5 Quick Tips To Help You Learn English Faster!

Cursos intensivos de inglés Sevilla

A lot of our students ask us what are some of the best ways to make the most of their free time in order to learn English. We always suggest that students try their best to immerse themselves in English.

Now, this can be quite difficult especially when you live in a non English speaking country like Spain.. So we thought we would compile this list of handy things you can do to help practice your English whilst you are at home.

1. Watch Tv Series/Netflix in English

For many of you this shouldn’t be too difficult. Many of our students already watch plenty of American/English Tv series, however unfortunately many of them watch these series with Spanish subtitles or even worse… Dubbed over in Spanish!

This is a great shame as watching Netflix/tv can be very helpful in learning languages especially in regards to pronunciation and listening.


Clases de inglés negocios Sevilla

That said,I know watching an entire episode of ‘Peaky Blinders’ in English can seem slightly daunting. I would suggest starting with something easier with shorter episodes, for example ‘Friends’ or ‘The Simpsons,’ and for longer episodes or films (45 mins +) try having the English audio with English subtitles. This will make it much easier to follow for extended periods of time.  

If you don’t own a tv or a Netflix subscription, Youtube is also a great resource for entertaining/interesting videos.

Ensure that you are actually interested in the video you are watching, this will stop you from inadvertently ‘zoning out’ or getting distracted.

2. Listen to Podcasts

Clases particulares de inglés Sevilla

Another thing that we suggest for students to do is to start listening to Podcasts in English as this will help improve your overall listening ability.

At Teachify we actually create our own weekly podcasts which review recent vocabulary and topics which we have studied in class.

3. Listen to English Songs

I am sure that a lot of you already listen to plenty of music in English.

My advice would be to begin to really start listening out for the lyrics and trying your best to translate them in your head.

If you are really struggling you could always get the lyrics up and read through them. This is a great one to improve your pronunciation, grammar structures and vocabulary!

4. Read in English

Mejor academia de inglés Sevilla

Perhaps the best thing you can do to learn another language is to begin reading in that language.

Maybe start off reading children’s books (these are often very easy to understand and follow, this will teach you plenty of basic vocabulary) then maybe move onto reading the daily news in English and when you feel ready maybe try tackling some longer novels!

Once again, make sure that you are actually interested in the topic of the article/book you are reading. This will make it much easier to concentrate.

5. Learning applications

No need to devote to much time to this step, with just 5/10 minutes a day on these programs and you should see some improvement. Some other great online resources for learning English

–        Memrise

–        BBC Learning English

–        Wordable

–        Quiz your English

–        British Council.

So, if you liked these reasons, subscribe below to find out 5 more reasons why you should learn English!

5 reasons why you should learn English

5 Reasons why you should learn English

Clases de inglés negocios Sevilla

As English teachers working in Sevilla, we are often asked the question, “Why should I learn English?”

So we thought we would compile some of the best reasons to learn Engish!

Clases de inglés en empresas


1. It Will Improve Your Career Prospects.

Let’s face it, whether you like it or not English is THE international language of business, science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism plus many other sectors.

At some of the companies we work with in Sevilla, they ONLY use English in the office which can put you at a major disadvantage if you don’t speak the language!

In addition, plenty of our private students come to us because they need help improving their English for job interviews in Spain.

It seems that in the modern world businesses are under more and more pressure to ‘internationalise’ their head offices.

This means that knowing English as a second language will give you a real step up from the competition if you are in the market for a new job.

Cursos de inglés Sevilla

2. It will improve your Networking ability.

With English fast becoming the global language of the future, you’ll feel even more connected to the world around you.

By learning English you will find yourself even more connected to popular culture, trends and issues in the world around you along with the ability to better keep up with current events.

3. English will improve your educational prospects.

If you speak English you will be able to find Educational courses all over the world instead of just limiting yourself to studying in Spanish speaking countries.

This can be a major advantage as some of the most prestigious universities in the world are located in English speaking countries.

Clases de inglés personalizado


Cursos intensivos de inglés Sevilla

4. English is the primary language of Media.

Have you ever wished that you could understand the lyrics to your favorite Beatles song? Or wished that you didn’t need to turn on subtitles to watch your favourite English Language Netflix Films/tv shows?

As great as series like the Simpsons are in Spanish they are infinitely superior in their native language!

5.English is the Language of the Internet

Perhaps even more importantly than being the language of the Media however, is that English is the language of the internet!

So you may  only be able to access certain sites or find certain documents online in English. So it’s fair to say that learning English will provide you with more access to knowledge around the world. 

So, if you liked these reasons, subscribe below to find out 5 more reasons why you should learn English!

Teachify Teacher Chit-Chat Work

Teachify Teacher Chit-Chat Work

Welcome back to our blog, I’m sure you’ve been looking forward to watching another of our Teacher chitchats, so here we are.  You’re probably aware of the fact that every month we focus on one main topic and we like to finish it off by having a chat about what we’ve been discussing. 

What did we learn last month?

Last month we looked at a wide range of aspects related to the world of work.  Therefore, Mickey and I have got together to ask each other a few questions about work. 

By watching the video you can find out what we did in our first ever jobs, what our dream jobs were when we were younger and even hear an embarrassing story that happened to one of us at a leaving party. 

It’s worth the wait, so make sure you watch the video right until the end.  

How can I use the video to learn English?

At times we speak quite quickly and use some difficult words and phrases, you can find a list of these tough pieces of language below along with a brief explanation of what they mean.

However, I challenge you to watch the video without looking at these explanations, at least the first time you watch it. 

Repetition is extremely important in order for you to memorise difficult vocabulary so don’t just watch it once, keep going until you’re sick of hearing our voices. 

So, without further ado, click on the video and enjoy! 

I wonder whether you’ll get the terrible jokes we tell at the start. 

Fingers crossed.

Did you understand the Teachify chit-chat?

Don’t worry if not! Here’s a list of the difficult words and phrases with their explanations.

  • Scarecrow – an object made to resemble a human figure and scare birds away from a field where crops are.
  • Get promoted – receive a promotion a work.
  • Get straight to the point – focus on the main issue.
  • Beat around the bush – avoid the main issue.
  • Trimmed – cut, bushes and trees can be trimmed, as can your hair.
  • Handyman – a person who is employed to carry out domestic repairs or minor renovations.
  • Pocket money – a small amount of money given to a child by their parents, an allowance.
  • Newsagents – a shop selling newspapers, magazines, sweets and drinks.
  • A tenner – £10 or ten quid.
  • Back in the day – a long time ago, referring to a particular period of time.
  • Run into someone – meet or see someone unexpectedly.
  • Shave off (milliseconds) – reduce a time recorded by a tiny amount.
  • Paperwork – routine work involving written documents.
  • Sweat – exude moisture in heat, nervous situations or when doing exercise, perspiration.
  • Slide – move smoothly along a surface while maintaining continuous contact with it.
  • Soaking wet – extremely wet.
  • Leaving do – a party to say goodbye, often at work or if you are moving away.
  • Low-key – not elaborate, showy or intensive.

Interview with a Teachifyer Angel Jimenez

Entrevista con un Teachifyer

Angel Jimenez Romero

Academia de inglés Sevilla

¡Estamos orgullosos de nuestros alumnos, de sus esfuerzos y avances! Por eso, ¡cada mes vamos a entrevistar a un Teachifyer!

Aquí podrás conocer a otros amantes de la lengua inglesa, y sobre todo aprender de ellos. Este mes tenemos el placer de introducir a Angel Jimenez Romero, el Responsable del Canal Técnico en Endesa

Nosotros nos desplazamos al lugar que mejor le viene cada vez que reserva clase, y a la hora que él decida, adaptándonos a su horario y a sus necesidades, con un material original entre manos, para que, en su caso, aprenda inglés qué ayuda con su trabajo. 

Cuéntanos sobre tu vida profesional: ¿Dónde trabajas, tu puesto actual, cuáles son tus motivaciones en el trabajo?​


Trabajo en Endesa, concretamente en el área de Canales de Ventas de B2C Iberia en Endesa X. Soy el Responsable del Canal Técnico. Nos dedicamos a comercializar, instalar y mantener nuevas soluciones para el mercado Residencial y Pequeños Negocios.

Sobre mis motivaciones podría decirte que lo fundamental es que te guste lo que haces. Cuando trabajas en algo que te gusta, te vuelves más creativo, más innovador en tu trabajo, te divierte lo que haces y eso hace que la motivación salga prácticamente sola.

Todo esto, al final, se va trasmitiendo a tu equipo y hace que esa motivación fluya hacia abajo. Es muy difícil estar motivado haciendo algo que no te gusta, por mucho que te vaya bien, al final, terminarás desmotivado.

¿Cuánto tiempo llevas estudiando inglés, y para ti cual es la mayor dificultad a la hora de aprender? ​

Mi primera clase con Teachify

Para mi el inglés es la asignatura pendiente de toda mi vida. Soy de una generación en la que en España no se daba importancia a los idiomas, era como la asignatura “maría”, la fácil.

No es hasta que termino la carrera, cuando hago un curso de inmersión en Inglaterra durante 6 meses, experiencia que fue fantástica. Recuerdo que estaba en el nivel “Elemental” de una academia en Sevilla, y volví, a los 6 meses, con un “Intermediate” y eso que fue más diversión que estudiar. Es decir, la mejor manera de aprender es viviendo el inglés.

Posteriormente, cuando empecé a trabajar, la realidad es que no utilizaba el Inglés y lo fui perdiendo poco a poco, hasta que, hace unos 5-6 años, decidí, volver a empezar, pero de una forma divertida, sin agobios de titulaciones ni nada, sino practicándolo, viviéndolo, divirtiéndome, dedicar 1 o 2 días a la semana a hablar con algún profesor particular.

¿Cómo has conocido a Teachify, y para ti cuales son los beneficios de esta forma de aprender inglés? ​

"It has been an absolute pleasure teaching Angel English as one the very first student of Teachify."

Pues lo conocí precisamente cuando tomé la decisión de buscar un profesor particular para hablar inglés.

Es cuando conozco a Micael (fundador de Teachify), cuando aún no existía Teachify. Le propuse, junto con un compañero del trabajo, dar una clase de 1,5-2 horas los Viernes al finalizar la jornada laboral y él aceptó. Fue una experiencia extraordinaria que, aún hoy, la mantenemos.

Quedábamos en un bar, comíamos y lo que quedaba de clase, íbamos a la oficina donde nos explicaba vocabulario y algo de gramática. Esas dos horas, tanto en el bar como en la oficina, 100% inglés, nada de Español.

Así es como empecé realmente a aprender Inglés, a soltarme, a aprender el inglés de la calle, a divertirme aprendiendo el idioma.

Cuando pasa un tiempo, Micael, empieza con la idea de montar una start up relacionada con esta forma de enseñar inglés, con 3 pilares fundamentales,

1,- Me desplazo a darte las clases donde me digas.

2.- Conversación durante una hora.

3.- Me adapto al horario que necesites y todo a través de una aplicación.

Una reflexión, una idea, un mensaje, etc… algo que te gustaría lanzar desde aquí a todos los Teachifyers.

Puedo decir, con mucho orgullo, que he sido de los primeros estudiantes que ha tenido Teachify, lo cual me da muchísima satisfacción.

He visto crecer profesionalmente a Micael y a su Start Up Teachify, empresa que está teniendo un gran éxito hoy día, donde ha dado en el clavo para personas como yo, que no tenemos tiempo de ir a una academia o que, por temas de viajes, no podemos comprometernos en días y horas. Al final, busco en la aplicación de Teachify el día y la hora en la que puedo, incluso sobre la marcha, con una o dos horas de antelación, reservo y listo, ha charlar en ingles.

Durante esa hora, para mi es como una inmersión lingüística, solo hablamos en Inglés. Al final he aprendido divirtiéndome, hablando y practicándolo en mi tiempo libre, Enhorabuena a todos los profesores de Teachify y especialmente a Micael.

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