Meet Will, Our Newest Teacher!

Meet Will, Our Newest Teacher!

We are delighted to introduce our newest addition to our Madrid team, Will! Let’s learn a bit more about him.

So Will Tell us a bit About Yourself

Well originally I studied music at Essex university and Brighton Institute of Modern Music because I wanted to be a profesional musician. After my degree I decided that I wanted to learn Spanish and then teach guitar in that language! I therefore decided to do an ESL teacher training course.

After a while I realised that I actually enjoyed teaching English much more tan teaching guitar, so I stuck at it!

So why Madrid?

I chose Madrid because I thought it would be a great city to learn Spanish, teach guitar and eventually teach English.

And What do you Enjoy Doing in Your Free Time?

Other than learning Spanish, I am obsessed with Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, I’ve been practicing it 6 days a week for a year and half now!

What is your top tip for learning a language?

My top learning tip is convert your life/ hobbies to your target language. So if you love watching football, watch football with commentary in that language so you learn vocabulary and get used to the accents. If you read fitness blogs or watch fitness videos online, watch them in your target language! Change your phone to that language!

Try to live in that language as much as possible and take advantage of any tools (mobiles) that are there to help!

A Warm Welcome to our Newest Students at Active Madrid!

A Warm Welcome to our Newest Students at Active Madrid!

We are delighted to announce that this week we will begin with classes with our newest client, Grupo Active in Madrid. Teachify were recommended to Active after a successful stint teaching English in their offices in Seville.  

Teachify will begin classes in Active’s Madrid offices located in Plaza del Sol over the next few weeks starting with 8 groups. Using the Teachify methodology they will be working towards improving their English to improve their communication skills in the business world.

This is a very exciting opportunity for Teachify as it will help grow our presence in Madrid!

Meet Ash, our Newest Teacher!

Meet Ash, our Newest Teacher!

We are delighted to introduce Ash, the latest addition to the Teachify team! 

Let’s find out a little bit about him!

So Ash tell us a bit about yourself

I come from a Journalism and writing background, so I have always had a passion for English.
My experience in teaching over the past couple of years has allowed me to gain an even better understanding of the English language, and in turn has strengthened my love for it.
Hopefully you will enjoy learning English as much as I enjoy teaching it!

And what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Being in the great outdoors! Cooking (and eating!), Collecting records, playing sport and saying “Hello” to as many Dogs as possible.

So why Sevilla?

Sevilla is steeped in a rich history which I find fascinating. The weather makes it easy to love too….and the price of beer is also a bonus!

And finally what is your top tip for those wanting to learn English?

Little and often! Develop the habit of using what you have learnt as frequently as you can. Be confident and make the most of any opportunity to improve, no matter how small.

Teachify Teacher Chit Chat – Tourism

Teachify Teacher Chit Chat - Tourism

Welcome back to our monthly chitchat everybody and I hope you’re delighted to watch us having another silly chat, you must know by now, but in this episode you’ll see Lewis and Mickey having a good old chitchat about our monthly topic, Tourism. 

To kick off the conversation, Mickey told us about his experience with virtual reality with rollercoasters and a medieval tour of Seville with one of our clients, Past View Experience.  If you haven’t heard of them, then I strongly recommend you check them out for an immersing experience taking a glimpse of what Seville was like hundreds of years ago.

Clases De Inglés Sevilla

Following on from that, you will be able to observe an interesting game of would you rather.  For those of you that don’t know this activity, would you rather is another way of saying would you prefer and we use it to answer some dilemmas of would we would prefer to do.  For example, would you rather go backpacking around Asia or go on a luxury cruise ship in the Mediterranean sea.  Let us know which option you would go for! 

Play Video

If this introduction has sparked your interest then I suggest you watch our chitchat right now, what are you waiting for? I know I’m looking forward to hearing from you to see what you think of our discussion. 

Last but not least, below you can find some synonyms and examples of a few of the more complicated words and phrases we used. 


Useful Vocabulary

Seamless = smooth.  “Wow, that was a seamless transition from coal to renewable energy.”

Go backpacking = to travel on a limited budget using a big backpack.  “I went backpacking around South East Asia when I was 24.”

Without a shadow of a doubt = no doubt.  “Yes, I would do that…without a shadow of a doubt.”

Get travel sick or sea sick = become ill because of movement or motion.  “I get travel sick so I would prefer to go wine tasting.”

Get into something = become interested in something.  “I’m getting into wines at the moment because two of our teachers really like wine.”

To look forward to + noun/ing = to be excited about something.  “I am looking forward to going home for Christmas.”

To set off = to begin a journey or depart.  “I’ll be there in 30 minutes, I’m just setting off now.” (I’m leaving my house.)

Widen Your Vocabulary with 10 Sports-Related​ Phrasal Verbs

Widen Your Vocabulary with 10 Sports Related Phrasal Verbs

Clases de inglés negocios Sevilla

As Sports is our Topic of the month for September, we thought that we would share some of our favourite Sports related phrasal verbs.

Many of these phrasal verbs are particularly useful as they can be used in other contexts other than talking about sports.

So the next time you are chatting with your English friends about the football match last night you can impress them with some of these phrasal verbs!

What we learned in our English class?

Work Out: To do exercise.

Eg, yesterday I went to work out at the gym

Work Off: to burn calories or food consumed.

Eg, I need to work off all that Christmas food!

Fall Behind: Begin to lose in a race

Eg, he was winning until he fell behind at the 3rd mile 

Slim Down: To lose weight

Eg, Sheila needs to slim down so that she can fit into her wedding dress.

Take Up: To start doing a new sport or activity

Eg, This summer I want to take up cross fit.

Wait! Here are 5 more..

Try Out For: To Audition for a team

Eg, You’re so good at football, you should try out for the team!

Knock Out: to punch somebody unconscious (usually used in Boxing)

Eg, The boxer knocked out his opponent in the 5th round.

Alternatively Knock Out can also be used to mean that a loser in a tournament is eliminated.

Eg, England were knocked out of the world cup in the semi finals against Croatia.

Catch Up: Reach an opponent in a race.

Eg, After spending most of the race in last place, Tom finally caught up to the rest of the runners in the last 100m.  

Pass Out: To become unconscious.

Eg, I was so exhausted after the marathon that I passed out.

Bulk Up: to gain muscle.

Eg, I’ve been lifting weights at the gym recently so I can bulk up and impress the ladies.