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Hello everybody and welcome back to our monthly teacher chit-chat.  Today Lewis, Jack and Mickey have had a chat about food.  At first, we weren’t sure what to focus on, given that we have discussed a variety of subtopics related to food in class this month.

 As a result, we made the decision to come up with four or five ‘interesting’ questions that had something to do with food and put them in a pile in the centre of the table. Here is what the Teachify teachers spoke about. Make sure you watch the video and learn some English! 

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As you’ll see when you watch the video, we took it in turns to pick a question from a pile and ask for a response from each teacher.  If you’re anything like us, I’m sure you would be able to natter on for hours on end when the topic of food comes up.

That being said, we challenge you to watch the video the first time without looking about the explanations of key vocabulary below.  Once you’ve done that, review the difficult terms we have provided explanations for and then give it another go. 

Useful vocabulary used in the video

  • Have a laugh – have a good time or start laughing
  • Open (it) up to the floor – ask everyone present in the room or at a meeting
  • Live up to the hype – to reach expectations or to be as good as expected
  • Blow your mind – be positively surprised or impressed by something
  • To die for – used as an adjective for delicious food
  • Be native to – another way of saying that it comes from somewhere
  • I can’t stand it – I hate it
  • I wouldn’t fuss too much – I wouldn’t worry about something too much
  • I’m used to eating spicy food – I often eat spicy food
  • I can’t handle it – I can’t deal with it
  • To run low on (t-shirts) – to have few remaining
  • To give a (good) go – to try hard
  • Cheer someone one – encourage someone, e.g. fans in a stadium
  • To throw in the towel – give up or stop trying
  • Go-to (food) – if in doubt, you cook or eat a certain type of food
  • I live on chicken salad – chicken salad helps me to survive
  • Cook-off – a cooking competition

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That wasn’t so bad, was it? Anyway, we hope you enjoyed our chitchat, as always, we’d like to remind you to check out our previous chitchats and blog posts. 

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To finish off, we’ll finish with a joke…

What does one vegetarian say to the other vegetarian?

We have to stop MEATing like this.

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