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What are you watching?

Clases de inglés Madrid

Sometimes, after a long and hard day at work there can be few things better than getting home and putting on a TV show or film.

Im sure for many of our readers it can be one of the best ways to unwind from a the realities of a stressful day at work. Am I right?

Which TV shows do you look forward to watching?

Our man in Madrid - Will!

 It’s well know that watching a series in the original version can be massively beneficial to improving your learning. Not only is it very useful, it’s often cheap, convenient and fun!

It doesn’t just have to be for English learning either. It’s a fantastic tip for students of any language! Something worth noting however, that it can be tricky to commit to this type of learning as when we watch TV, we sometimes want to relax and to switch-off and not think about learning. 

Which is why SuperMick (that’s his actual name in the most remote parts of Kent, England,  where the big-boss man is from) suggests choosing shorter programmes in length. You don’t have to focus for too long and therefore you will find it more enjoyable. 

Thanks for the tip Mickey!

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Mejor academia de inglés Madrid

During episode #45, Lewis and Mickey discussed what it means ‘to binge’. An unfamiliar and peculiar word for many of you I’m sure. But what does it mean exactly? 

To binge‘ is to indulge in any particular activity to an excessive level or amount. As Mickey mentioned during the pod, a person can binge on junk food, alcohol and even television. 

To ‘binge-watch’ a T.V. show  has been more relevant than ever during the coronavirus pandemic!

Have you binge-watched any series recently? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks again for listening to the podcast, and for reading the review! Keep following us on all platforms for more resources and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Jack, probably watching Alan Partridge. Aha!

Here at Teachify we love to help out and are always ready and waiting to offer our wonderful students suggestions and recommendations. 

Today we’re doing just that, below are a list of the top-rated T.V. series for learning English, direct from Teachify HQ….

Mickey: Emily in Paris (I’m not sure if he’s joking? I really hope he is)

Lewis: A programme/series about Leeds United and their catastrophic fall from grace. **

Ash: Curb your enthusiasm

Shannon: Community (Seasons 1-3, the rest go to [email protected]#t!)

Will: Afterlife 

Louise: Fleabag (great for British accents!)

Jack: The IT crowd

**Editors note: Yorkshire accent included – you’ve been warned! If Yorkshire is your cup of tea then, may I suggest ‘Wallace & Gromit’. I promise it’s much better!

Who likes jokes?!

Clases de inglés negocios

«I bought a TV with a broken speaker….»

«I couldn’t turn it down!!!»

Interesting Vocabularly:

Look forward to  (+ing) : be excited about 

Convenient: something is easily accessible, suitable. Ease of use

Massive(ly): Something on a very, very big scale

Tricky: a bit difficult, requires care and/or attention.

Switch-off (Phrasal verb): 1.lose focus, stop paying attention. 2. Press a button to stop electrical equipment from   functioning. 

Turn down (Phrasal verb): 1. To lower the volume/noise level. 2.  to reject/refuse something or someone – to say «No!»

Binge : Enjoy or indulge in an activity, especially eating, drinking, or taking drugs (to excess)

Peculiar: Different or strange

My cup of tea (idiom): Something that you like and enjoy.

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