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Useful English Legal Vocabulary

Legal vocabulary can be particularly difficult, even if you are a native English speaker! If you are a lawyer or a judge this blog post is for you! Even if you don’t work in the legal field a lot of this vocabulary can be useful for everyday things, for example: signing contracts or renting property. In this post we are going to be learning some important legalese vocabulary.



To claim that somebody has committed a crime or done something wrong.

  • The man was accused of stealing a car.


An accessory is somebody who is complicit or involved with a crime.

  • Julie was an accessory to the crime, she helped the defendant steal the money.


A group of people who are randomly selected to provide an impartial verdict. A juror is a member of the Jury

  • The jury finds the defendant guilty!
  • My friend was a juror on a murder trial!


An earlier example of something.

  • By committing acts of vandalism he was setting a precedent for her future life of crime.


A legal document stating a promise.

  • I signed the contract at my new job yesterday!


A company or a person’s financial records.

  • They are going through my accounts to find any tax discrepancies.


To absolve somebody of a crime.

  • Due to a lack of evidence the judge has acquitted the defendant.


To legally detain somebody who has committed a crime.

  • The criminal was arrested for stealing a car.


The room where court cases happen.

  • The hearing will take place in the courtroom in the next 10 minutes.


To put a criminal in prison

  • The thief was convicted for 10 years.


I hope you found this list helpful. Remember there are a variety of different ways to use each of these words.


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