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5 Business Related Phrasal Verbs


5 Business Related Phrasal Verbs

Hi Folks!

In today’s blog post, I thought I would share some handy business related phrasal verbs. These are perfect for using around the office with any English speaking colleagues.

Hammer Out – To produce something with difficulty.

  • After many sleepless nights, congress hammered out the 2015 federal budget.

Head Up – To lead.

  • Sandra got her MBA at Wharton and now she heads up IBM.

Iron Out – To perfect or to remove flaws.

  • Let’s get the legal team to iron out the details on these contracts.

Nail Down – To finalize something.

  • Lucy and Stephen need to nail down their marketing campaign.

Opt Out – To decline from an option.

  • If the same workshop is being offered next week, I’ll opt out today.


Formation d'anglais à Séville

Now see if you can put them into practice, fill in the gaps!

  • Real Betis needs to score another goal to__________ their victory over Real Sociedad.
  • I would like to_________ of todays meeting if possible.
  • We would like you to_________ our operations in Madrid.
  • A deal was______________ between the government and the strikers to end the protests.
  • We need to meet with the lawyer to_________ the final details of the land purchase.

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