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10 News and Media Related Phrasal Verbs!


10 News and Media Related Phrasal Verbs!

Hi Guys!

As this month we are studying the topic of the News and Media we thought that we would share with you some of our favourite phrasal verbs related to the topic!

Stir Up

To incite negative emotions.

  • The tabloids have been accused of stirring up racial hatred with its use of language and images.

Fall For

To believe a joke or a lie.

  • I never read the news so I don’t fall for the nonsense they spread.

Snoop Around

To investigate furtively.

  • Multiple Reporters were caught red handed snooping around for more information.

Keep Up With

To stay informed.

  • W keep up with the news by listening to the radio in my car whilst I am driving.


Tone Down

Make less offensive or sensationalist.

  • Before 21:00, the news station tends to tone down the content not to offend any family audiences.

Brighten Up

To Make Happier.

  • Some radio stations start with an upbeat story to brighten up your day.

Call For

To demand action.

  • Two leading newspapers have called for the prime minister to resign.

Blow Over

To forget a situation or story.

  • The prince decided to stay out of the public eye until the story had blown over.

Jot Down

To take notes.

  • The journalist listened to the witness whilst she jotted down some details in her notebook.

Cover Up

To try to keep secret.

  • They have been accused of covering the accident up and are demanding full disclosure.

Now let’s see if you can use them in context!

  • He suspects that there is a conspiracy to _________ the crime.
  • The comedian __________ his controversial act before performing it.
  • I was hoping that after a few days the tensions would _________.
  • I can’t believe he _________ for such a terrible joke!
  • Quick! _________ his license number before he get’s away!
  • I read the news to ________ with what is happening with the news.
  • John is terrible, he’s always trying to________ trouble between his friends.
  • Receiving a present always ___________ my day.
  • Following the scandal most people are_____________ the CEO’s resignation.
  • Journalists have been________________ the tabloid stars rubbish bins all morning.


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