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5 Money Related Phrasal Verbs


5 Money Related Phrasal Verbs

As Money is our topic of the month we thought that we would share some useful money related phrasal verbs.

Rake In – to make a lot of money.

  • With their integrated ad campaign Youtube is raking in the cash

Shell out – to spend a lot of money.

  • John’s car has broken down so he has to shell out to get it repaired.

Cough Up – to provide money.

  • Every month I have to cough up £700 rent.

Put aside – To save something for later.

  • Every month I put aside £100 into my savings account.

Run Over – To exceed a planned amount of money or time.

  • The housing project has run over the original budget.

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See if you can fill in the gaps with the correct phrasal verb.

My boiler broke down so now I have to__________           £500 to get it repaired!

I want to buy a house so I have been____________ money from every pay cheque.

I have been _________  money with my new job!

After I broke my friends window I had to________ the money to replace it.

I’m afraid the meeting has_________by 20 minutes, we’ll have to leave the room.




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