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8 Friendship/Relationship Related Phrasal Verbs


8 Friendship/Relationship Related Phrasal Verbs

Hi Guys!

As we have been speaking a lot about friendships and relationships recently, we thought we would share some of our favourite phrasal verbs related to the topic!

1. To Get in Touch

To contact somebody.

  • I need to get in touch with Peter and tell him the good news.

2. Keep in touch

To maintain contact with somebody.

  • It was nice meeting you, let’s keep in touch.

3. Lose Touch

To stop contact with somebody.

  • Over the years we have lost touch with each other. I haven’t seen her in years.

4. Catch up

To update after a long time.

  • I haven’t seen you in ages, we should catch up soon!

5. Get on/Along

To have a good relationship with someone else.

W get along very well with my colleagues.

6. Fall out

To stop being friends.

  • We fell out after he slept with my girlfriend.

7. Go out

To start a romantic relationship.

  • I have been going out with my girlfriend for 3 years now.

8. Split/Break up

End a romantic relationship.

  • My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday.

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