Teachify Tema del Mes

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Teachify Tema del Mes Bienvenido a nuestro blog, si aún no lo sabes, somos una empresa única y diferente, especializada en dar clases de inglés Sevilla, flexibles y siempre adaptadas a cualquiera de tus necesidades: clases a domicilio, inglés de negocios o simplemente inglés de conversación. Sin duda, hacemos todo lo posible para que puedas [...]

¿Quién es Lewis?

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¿Quién es Lewis Rollinson? Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to our Head of Studies & Material Developer, Lewis Rollinson. Let's find out a bit more about him... Every week we are going to ask Lewis a different question, and breakdown the language he uses for you to learn. Tell us a little [...]

As vs. Like

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We are now into 2018 and learning English will be a resolution for many. What’s the best way to learn? Learning English needs to be part of your daily life no matter where you are in the world. We live in a time when online content is accessible for almost everyone, but finding the right content [...]

5 easy English tips!

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5 consejos a la hora de hablar inglés English is widely acknowledged as the language of business and understandably forms an integral part of professional success. That being said, it is not as easy as some people may think. Time and time again we see learners struggle to grasp basic concepts and repeatedly make the [...]

Why Teachify?

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Why Teachify? Welcome! My name is Michael and I am the founder of Teachify. I am going to tell you about why we started Teachify and what our ambitions are. To top it all off, I am going to highlight some useful phrases and idioms in this blog, along with the Spanish translation below. Who [...]